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How We Got Started

How We Got Started


On a stormy October night, I was sitting at my computer. I wasn’t ready to go to sleep, and Bill’s words kept ringing in my head. “It’s his ministry.” Over and over and over. I could not get those words out of my head no matter what I did. Bill and I were talking a few days before, about a mutual friend who had come to hunt at the same I had the year before that has a passion for working with veterans, and taking them hunting. Bill had referred to our friend’s work as being his “ministry.”

I prayed, thought,and thought some more. After a few more days, The idea behind naabs popped into my head. As a blind person, I think a lot, we all do. To be comfortable inside your own head is requirement number one for learning to be happy as a blind man, at least to me it is. I am not constantly bombarded by random visual stimulation from the outside world much nowadays, so I have tons more time to think about things.

The realization that I could give back to my community, and provide really unique outdoor experiences was something that I could get excited about. Maybe, if I did it right I make it so that The end outcomes were never about me. The blind and VI hunters and fishermen of this land would be who the outcomes were about. The stories of travelling blind, shooting, hunting, fishing, riding in a boat, then travelling home again will the prize of a lifetime. Talk of challenges, and successes, new friends, and renewed friendships will be the building blocks of a habit. The habit of success.

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