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Blog Post 1

Blog Post 1

It is with a thankful heart that I pen this first Blog post. I am blessed to serve my community; the blind and vision impaired community. This is my ministry. This organization is designed to benefit those blind and visually impaired people who will dare to seek success in their lives through going out on hunting and fishing adventures not generally considered plausible to them.

When I first took advantage of the opportunity to  get back out in the woods and hunt after losing my vision, the experience changed my life. It taught me that I could do things that are far beyond the boundaries I had accepted. The experience helped me to understand that my acceptance of those boundaries was what was holding me back from living a life that included purpose and drive. I suddenly knew that I could do whatever I decided I could do. Read that last sentence again. I was no longer bound by the expectations of polite society, and would never again bow to the blankness; the stillness, the social paradigm that says I am blind, and as such, I will only be a spectator in my own life from now on.

I know that I cannot do the things I used to do in the same manner as I did them before. I must adapt. I must improvise. I must overcome. However, now I know that I can do these things. I can achieve success, even greatness if I so choose.

I do so choose.

I am humbled, and blessed to serve.


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